Get your company into a higher relevancy gear, and become a magnet for clients, partners, and collaborators. As a sponsor, you show others that the heart of your business is in the right place.

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Because you care about your team and your business. And you want to be sure that every single staff member understands that, so that they can be proud to be working in your company.

Because you support our vision and purpose. You would like your business to have a positive effect on society. You know every company can make the difference – and certainly your business could create a positive impact.

Because you dream a positive dream. Both work and business are part of that dream. And you want to get this message across to all your stakeholders: recruitment candidates, collaborators and leaders, potential clients and business partners.

Purposeplanet Inspire Your Colleagues


One-person Company Sponsoring package – includes a certificate and a badge for your website, as well as a one hour “getting the team started” coaching for your company – €91 (excl.BTW).

Small Business Sponsoring Package – includes a certificate and a badge for your website, as well as your logo displayed in the logo carroussel on the homepage of PurposePlanet. And, you get one end-to-end team coaching – €910 (excl.BTW).

Corporate Sponsoring Package – all the above, plus much more focus and attention to your logo, that will appear in all tips, mailings and press kits. As well as 10 days of coaching during the whole year – €9100 (excl.BTW).


    Let’s talk about it – Contact us, and your nearest account manager will call you the next working day. Ready to check what kind of sponsoring fits best to the needs of your organization.

    • Helen Kuremaa
      I hope the inspiration on this website make people think ... so they understand they can make a difference and impact the culture of their working environment.
      Helen Kuremaa
    • Remko Westerbeek
      People are the most valuable asset of every company. If people are not respected, they will become the biggest cost factor. Do companies really need more reason, to engage their people?
      Remko Westerbeek
    • Esther de Munnik
      Curiosity is key. Seek to understand the world around you and the world will be revealed to you. Sincere interest for your work will bring an abundance of insights, ideas and creativity. Experience the difference!
      Esther de Munnik
      Bending Perspective
    • Sjoerd de Waal
      Watch your story! Your internal dialogue may either help you realising your full potential or prevent you from even trying. What’s your story?”
      Sjoerd de Waal
    • Steven Storms
      Young people will soon be leading our organisations into the future. I hope PurposePlanet can be a bridge towards them, as well as a source of mutual inspiration. We can learn from them. They can learn from us.
      Steven Storms
    • Luk Kelles
      Most people know very well what needs to be done to make their organization a better place, however they often struggle to take action.  Let’s close this gap between common sense and common practice.
    • Ove De Backer
      It's wonderful to see people becoming passionate about their work again, when you engage them in organising their own tasks in the projects they are working on.
      Ove De Backer
    • Richard Gordon Kelly
      If you have a strong purpose in life, your passion will drive you along your path
      Richard Gordon Kelly
    • Howard Zinn
      We believe that small acts,
      multiplied by millions of people,
      can transform the world
      Howard Zinn
    • Jan Lagast
      Every business can become more society-relevant, as long as their leaders and their staff frequently make small improvements. You'd be surprised how big an impact all these small pieces can make.
      Jan Lagast
    • Inga Paju
      Over the years, I have seen a lot of good intentions in the Estonian HR community. PurposePlanet helps get these good intentions become the daily reality in many companies now.
      Inga Paju


    3 December 2020

    Press Release Burn 2020

    How many times did you hear “if I just could skip 2020 ...”, or “what if we deleted 2020 from the calendar - would that make me one year younger?” Or “could you show me where the ctrl-alt-del-2020 is on my keyboard ...”


    2 December 2020
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    Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack …

    Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack ... and see what happens.

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