Have one of our coaches guide your team to help improve the society-relevance of your company. This engages them in the company’s adventure, and increases their well-being.

Welcome To Purposeplanet


Because you care about your team and your business. You feel you could and should help, but you need a little assistance to get the team bond and make a difference from the first time.

Because you support our vision and purpose. You would like your business to have a positive effect on society. You know every person can make a small difference from their own workplace – definitely within your organisation.

Because you dream a positive dream. Both work and business are part of that dream. You might not know how to make this happen for your team, and that’s why you want to hire one of the PurposePlanet coaches.

Purposeplanet Coach


How to get your team started – How do you get your team think and talk about one of the PurposePlanet themes, and increase the bonding between the team members. A one hour zoom with you or one of your team leads, to start right, right away.

End-to-end Team coaching – How to start, how to prepare, and how to proceed. Our nearest PurposePlanet coach will help you introduce one of the themes in your team, and will guide you all the way so that results get embedded.

Cross-Team Bonding – Includes the mapping of the various teams and their team members, as well as advice on the optimal organization of the various exercises and coaching challenges. Most likely we will provide you with a multi-coach team.

    First half hour of orientation for free – so what’s stopping you from calling us? Contact us, and your nearest coach will call you the next working day. Ready to understand your real coaching needs, and advice you on how to move forward.

    • Luk Kelles
      Most people know very well what needs to be done to make their organization a better place, however they often struggle to take action.  Let’s close this gap between common sense and common practice.


    3 December 2020

    Press Release Burn 2020

    How many times did you hear “if I just could skip 2020 ...”, or “what if we deleted 2020 from the calendar - would that make me one year younger?” Or “could you show me where the ctrl-alt-del-2020 is on my keyboard ...”


    2 December 2020
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    Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack …

    Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack ... and see what happens.

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