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Dream global

We try to inspire. Not to organize, or to control. We don’t force anyone to act against their will, nor do we take any responsibilities over the information or the events we are suggesting. We only provide information, and set-up events that people can relate to or hook in to.

Europe from space by NASA

Connect local

The local chapters our ‘ears and eyes’ in a specific region. They implement our ideas in the local business community taking the local reality into account. They connect with business decision takers, collaborators, influencers, and the regional press.


Purposeplanet Antwerp01

Antwerp (BE)

Port and industry. Main access to mainland Europe. Logistics cross-roads. Want to take part and increase its relevance for society?

Purposeplanet Brussels02

Brussels (BE)

Capital of Belgium. Capital of Europe. Cultural melting pot. International business, and government headquarters. Waiting for you to help increase its relevance.

Purposeplanet Ghent02

Ghent (BE)

Long industrial tradition. University town. Regional magnet for top-talent. Do help us to improve the impact on society.

Purposeplanet Rotterdam01

Rotterdam (NL)

Heavy industry. Sea port of Europe. Trade and commerce. Join the team that wants to create a positive impact on society.

Purposeplanet Tallinn01

Tallinn (EE)

The most digital town of the most digital nation of Europe. Are you ready to help increase its social relevance?


3 December 2020

Press Release Burn 2020

How many times did you hear “if I just could skip 2020 ...”, or “what if we deleted 2020 from the calendar - would that make me one year younger?” Or “could you show me where the ctrl-alt-del-2020 is on my keyboard ...”


2 December 2020
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Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack …

Why don’t you change the almost obligatory Christmas gift pack ... and see what happens.

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