PurposePlanet believes in the power of small individual initiatives, to make businesses become more relevant for society from the inside out. We want to inspire people, increase their consciousness, connect them with others, and stimulate their individual initiatives.

  • Howard Zinn
    We believe that small acts,
    multiplied by millions of people,
    can transform the world
    Howard Zinn


PurposePlanet offers a platform with free bits of inspiration and tools for reflection. In the meantime, we are creating a netwerk that helps people connect and grow.

Purposeplanet Freeadvice

Bits of Inspiration

Free bits of inspiration in one of the 6 themes. To inspire you, and make you more conscious at work and in life in general.

Purposeplanet Readingmaterial

Tools for reflection

Worksheets. Templates. Notepads. To ease your reflection, stimulate your thinking, and broaden your horizon.

Purposeplanet Tools

Books to read

Both must-reads, and nice-to-haves. For you to take a deep dive and find new inspiration.

Purposeplanet Connectyourteam

Events to participate

We create ideas for events that you can join – and why not organize them on a local scale.

Europe from space by NASA

Regional chapters to connect

In major European cities our ambassadors and inspirers are ready to connect with you.

Purposeplanet Coach

And to get you going

And our kick-starters want to help you grow – and stimulate your team members likewise.

  • Jan Lagast
    Every business can become more society-relevant, as long as their leaders and their staff frequently make small improvements. You'd be surprised how big an impact all these small pieces can make.
    Jan Lagast


Here is some free inspiration for you to reflect, and to help you to make your company become more relevant.


22 November 2020

Welcome to the Noise Theme

There is much more noise than we can cope with as human beings. This theme tries to inspire people to get less noise, both at the working place, and by the working place.


22 November 2020
Purposeplanet Youth

Welcome to the Youth Theme

Young people are far from companies. Yet, they are the future workers, the future clients, and the future leaders. This theme tries to close the gap between youth and business.


22 November 2020
Purposeplanet Holidays

Welcome to the Holidays Theme

Every year, all workers, staff, and managers get a certain amount of days to go on holidays. Some people live and drag themselves towards those few days per year. Is that what holidays are for? Let's reflect, and dare to think differently.


22 November 2020
Purposeplanet Community

Welcome to the Community Theme

Every company is embedded in several communities. If companies want to be positive actors in society, we have to ensure they remain embedded in these communities, and increase their mutual value-add.

Life & Death

22 November 2020
Purposeplanet Lifedeath

Welcome to the Life & Death Theme

Many people spend a large part of their active live inside the walls of one or more companies. These companies determine who we are, what we can achieve, and what role we have fulfilled over the life-time of our career.


22 November 2020
Purposeplanet Transition

Welcome to the Transition Theme

At the year end, many people take a couple of days off with the family. This time is festive, but also helps us transit from this year to a new year -- while the night gradually becomes shorter again, and transits more time towards the day.
  • Remko Westerbeek
    People are the most valuable asset of every company. If people are not respected, they will become the biggest cost factor. Do companies really need more reason, to engage their people?
    Remko Westerbeek


Businesses càn and should be a positive actor in our society. They create welfare. They offer jobs. They help build a safe space to live in. They support sports and recreation. They generate an income stream that pays the bills of society.

PurposePlanet wants to inspire employees all over Europe to make their company more relevant from the inside out. Small changes do have impact, and you can make the change happen too. You don’t need to be the big chief to create impact.

Allow us to inspire you. Become a citizen and receive frequent stimuli and ideas to improve the relevance of your team, your unit and your company. And give us a little support, so that we keep being motivated to pursue our quest.

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Become a citizen of the PurposePlanet

Show your colleagues you are part of our growing family that helps businesses become more relevant. And, receive a free monthly PurposeTip to help you change your company from the inside.

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Become a sponsor of the PurposePlanet

Get your company into a higher relevancy gear, and become a magnet for clients, partners, and collaborators. As a sponsor you show the heart of the business is in the right place.

Purposeplanet Coach

Ask a coach to engage your
team members

Have one of our coaches guide your team to help improve the society-relevance of your company. This engages them in the company’s adventure, and increases their well-being.

  • Steven Storms
    Young people will soon be leading our organisations into the future. I hope PurposePlanet can be a bridge towards them, as well as a source of mutual inspiration. We can learn from them. They can learn from us.
    Steven Storms


3 December 2020

Press Release Burn 2020

How many times did you hear “if I just could skip 2020 ...”, or “what if we deleted 2020 from the calendar - would that make me one year younger?” Or “could you show me where the ctrl-alt-del-2020 is on my keyboard ...”
22 November 2020
Welcome To Purposeplanet

Welcome to the PurposePlanet

PurposePlanet is an initiative of ImpactBuilders, a pan-European business services group, of which the founding fathers believe businesses càn be relevant for society.